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We’re a bunch of enthusiastic nature lovers who love your trees as much as you do. We provide you with all the essential services you require for the upkeep and maintenance of your trees. Our services are extremely professional, and when we take up a task, we make sure we do it right, from the beginning to the end.

About T·O·T·A·L Landscaping

Started in 2005 by a father & son team, Total Landscaping was originally a small business created to help aging neighbors maintain their homes and gardens.

Since then, TOTAL has grown to encompass a huge network of top notch gardeners and landscapers across the city. Services range from simple grass cutting to full-scale landscape and water feature design and implementation. Hopefully after seeing our work you’ll let us take TOTAL care of your yard too!

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Commercial Tree Services

The way you present yourself affects how other people perceive you. The same rule applies to businesses. Whether you have a family-owned business or a large corporation, the way your commercial property looks have a significant impact on how people see your business and the way you handle it.

Commercial tree care is not a walk in the park, but it is crucial for your business’ appeal and safety. It involves skills, time, and proper equipment. Even if you have the luxury of time if you don’t have the right knowledge or don’t know the proper techniques to care for commercial trees, your attempt to perform commercial tree service will be in vain. Every species of trees has its own unique characteristics, and you need to consider this before making any actions. You also need to own the proper equipment to be successful in performing the tree service. If you are not confident with your skills and you only have a chainsaw as your tool, you better think again and consider hiring a professional commercial tree service. Many tree companies offer a full range of tree services, and they can tackle large-scale jobs such as commercial tree service. Companies like them undergo a series of training to improve their craft to provide excellent services to their residential and commercial clients.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Tree Service Company:

As a commercial property owner, making a good impression with your potential customers is one of your ultimate goals. People expect your office, whether the interior or the exterior to be clean and well-kept. Customers can easily get discouraged from doing business with a company that doesn’t make time to maintain their business area. It is best to make an appointment with professional commercial tree service at least monthly to help you keep the façade of your business area, in top shape.

Here is why you should hire a qualified Tree Service Company:

  • Saves you precious time: Time is money, and we have to use it for something worthwhile. Every second count, that is why, as a business owner, you should use it for other important matters rather than taking care of the trees in your commercial area.
  • Safe Property: As a public area, your business is exposed to different people every day. The safety of your employees, clients, and other passersby depends on how much care you provide your commercial trees. If trees are not maintained properly, they become an accident waiting to happen that can cause substantial damage to your property and injure people in the area. Fallen branches can cost you a considerable amount of money if they land on your building or hurt your clients. Trees are valuable assets if they are given the proper care they need. But they turn into a liability when you neglect their welfare which is why professional commercial tree service is critical in keeping trees in good health.
  • Appealing and Clean Landscape: You should care for not only the interior of your business but also its outside look. Getting the right commercial tree service can help you keep the exterior of your property in check. Commercial tree service will evaluate the health of your trees and offer professional recommendations whether your tree needs pruning or not.

Why Winter is a Good Time for Tree Work

Contrary to what most people think that winter is a bad time for tree work, winter is actually a great season for tree care. During this time, many people do not really think about their trees, not knowing that it is the best time to do any tree work. The truth is, there are major pruning jobs that are ideally done during this season.

Tree Works that are Best Done in Winter


During winter, the impact on lawns and gardens are reduced because the ground is covered with ice. Trees that are infected by diseases such as Emerald Ash Borer are best handled during winter to prevent them from being hazards come spring. If there are trees in your backyard that you want to be eliminated, winter might be the best time to remove them.

Forest Work

Trail clearing and plantation thinning are best done in winter. During winter when the ground is filled with ice, the risk of damaging the ground is reduced. Wildlife such as small mammals and birds will not be interrupted if forest work is done during this season.


Many tree species are best pruned in the dormant season. Light pruning trees during winter will help them focus their energy for the spring season. Pruning during this season should be done when it is beginning to get warm again. Some tree species may bleed due to cuts when the weather gets warm and the sap starts to flow.

You should wait until the time that the tree is about to leaf out before doing a major pruning if trees that are diseased or show signs of stress during the preceding season. However, if the tree is posing a hazard of falling, it might be best to prune the tree even during the winter season.

Winter Tree Care

Winter Storm Damage- Preventing/ Restoring

Overgrown trees and those that have bad structure may need to be pruned for maintenance during the winter season. Also, if the tree has been storm damaged, it might be best to prune it to prevent it from being hazardous. To lower the chances of tree failure during winter, maintenance needs to be done beforehand. Prevention is still better than having one tree removed because of poor maintenance. It is even worse your when your property is affected because you fail to properly maintain your trees.

The most effective preventive measure for storms is having your tree pruned. Strong winds and bad weather conditions can cause tree limbs and branches to fall off that is why it is better to take care of them before the worst scenario happens. Preventive maintenance does not only keep your tree in good shape but also keeps you and your property away from any potential danger that the bad weather can bring.

If you think you need a tree service, do not hesitate to contact your most trusted tree service company to assist you with your concern. There is no better time to handle a tree job than when it is most needed.

Brush removal and chipping


The number of benefits that come along with tree services has made them more popular among the masses. The variety that tree services offer is all-comprehensive and cover all tree-related issues. This makes life a lot easier. And the best part of tree services is that they not only provide cutting down of trees but also about bring forth services to pamper and treat trees.

Among these services, Brush removal and chipping is one. This is mostly done to tame an unruly tree! An unruly tree, you might be thinking right? It happens with almost everyone – there’s that one huge tree in the backyard or garden that’s all spread out, haywire in all directions. And this often turns out to be an eye-sore. So what do you do – chop down the tree entirely? But again, cutting down trees is harmful to the environment, and more importantly, it breaks your heart. This is where brush removal and chipping comes into the picture!


Brush removal and chipping is the best alternative when it comes to taming trees that have grown beyond control. Apart from looking weird, these trees can also prove to be a hazard. The tree cannot bear the weight of the branches as it ages and there is a probability that it will topple. Or even, these overgrown trees can interfere with telephone lines and cables. So it’s best to keep this trees under control by brush removal and chipping of branches.

This is also another way to get rid of your tree waste without burning, so yes – it’s an environmentally sound option too. Chipping services also come into picture when you have a fallen tree – you can chip the large tree, and the put the pieces to more productive use by using them as landfills or for landscaping.


The machinery involved in these procedures make the task more efficient and quick. There are tree services organizations which do these two tasks on hourly basis charges. They quickly come over and are done with the job in no time.

If you’re looking forward to the efficient and productive use of tree remnants, do opt for brush removal and chipping services.

The Difference Between Pruning and Trimming


Homeowners use both trimming and pruning to maintain and care for their gardens. Maintaining plants like shrubs or hedges apply to trimming whereas horticulturists use the term pruning for shrubs or trees.

Although both terms are used interchangeably by people, there are some differences when it comes to the equipment used and time of implementation. But it is firmly established that both processes are essential for a healthy and beautiful-looking plant.

To better understand the differences, let us start by defining what each term stands for.


Pruning is the removal of branches that are dead or loose. This is done in order to avoid people around the tree from getting hurt. This is done to rather stimulate growth instead of inhibiting it. When properly pruned, trees are encouraged to bear flowers and fruits. It is also done to remove pest or disease infested branches. In order to make the plant look more appealing, pruning is done so that they form the desired shape. Trees can take forms that are not natural by pruning processes such as pruning, topiary or pollarding. The art of making a tree take the shape of an animal or shape is called as topiary.



Tree trimming is the process of cleaning a plant by cutting branches that are overgrown. In comparison to pruning where the ordeal concerns itself with the help of the plant, trimming is done purely for its aesthetic appeal. There are also health-related reasons as to why trimming is essential as it enables the entry of light and moisture into a shrub. To prevent from a situation such as that from ever occurring, gardeners ensure that their plants are trimmed at least twice every year.

Now that we have defined trimming and pruning, let us look at some other factors that are different from each other.


Trimming or pruning for different plants is carried out in different periods of time. Trimming is usually done when the appearance of the plant looks off instead of its health cycles whereas pruning is done for spring flowering trees in late June and summer plants are pruned during winter. It is also suggested by horticulturalists to trim hedges before it goes beyond a foot.

The Equipment used

Pruning has tools that are of two types; lopping shears and hand shears. The tools that are handled with a single hand and also used in the removal of buds or leaves that are small are called hand shears whereas tools that feature a handle that is a foot, or two long which are used in the cutting thick branches are called lopping shears. Both these tools are also used in trimming plants. Hedge trimmers are also used to trim shrubs or hedges.

For more information on tree trimming and pruning contact Todd Templin at Jacksonville Tree Service.

Importance of Tree Trimming


The overall care for a tree includes trimming. It isn’t just chopping off branches that are unwanted; it is also vital for the health of the tree as it helps them grow anew normally. Apart from this, the desired shape of the tree can be attained by this process. You should also remember that excising branch removal can possibly weaken the tree.

Besides the reasons stated above, there are additional reasons as to why you should cut the branches that are overwhelming. Here are some of the causes as to why tree trimming is essential.

It increases the beauty of the surroundings

If you trim the trees, you’ll see the appearance of it changing and if done correctly, in a pattern, they’ll start looking exceptionally well. The also extends to the beauty of the garden as well.


The growth of the tree

Not only does trimming add beauty to the tree, but it also helps them grow healthier and stronger. The roots will start to go deeper into the soil and as a result, the tree becomes much stronger than before.

It helps avoid situations that are hazardous

There is a considerable risk that dead or weak branches pose at the time of storms or heavy rains. It may also cause damage to electric lines or the roofs of houses. Hence, to avoid public damage, it is important to remove hazardous branches that are present in the tree.  Further routine trimming can reduce the later need for tree removal services.

Disease Control

The unhealthy branches can also be dangerous to the trees themselves as it can cause many diseases to the tree. This can be prevented by removing the damaged parts of the branch. By doing so, the disease can be stopped from affecting other parts of the plants as well.

Fruit production

Trimming unhealthy limbs or ones that are dead can encourage the tree to grow healthy and it is well known that healthy trees tend to produce more fruits. By eliminating dead limbs, there are reduced chances of pests of insects causing damage to the tree’s health.

To get a better idea about trimming costs, here are some decisive factors that you need to be aware of.

The tree’s health

As trees are susceptible to diseases, the ones that already suffer from diseases can be trimmed with ease as they tend to be weak or vulnerable.

Location, size of the tree

A decisive factor which determines the value of the tree is the size. Trees that are long will take a longer time to time and hence, it will cost more.

The number of trees that need to be trimmed

This is common knowledge; the more trees that you want to be trimmed, the more it will cost.

For professional tree service advice, call Luke Petigrow with Pensacola Tree Service LLC.

Importance of Pruning


There are many aspects that are beneficial to a tree when it comes to pruning, but the most critical aspect is how it keeps the people around the tree safe. A dead branch may fall at any time for a tree, and as a result, it can put the people, power lines, or buildings around in danger.

The above reason is why it is best to remove limbs that are dangerous. But pruning can also hurt a tree if the size and location of the tree aren’t taken into consideration. In order to assure personal safety, an expert brought in to do the job is recommended if you’re uncomfortable.

Here are some of thoughts as to why pruning is essential.

Plant Health

Structure and growth

With the proper techniques, pruning can cause a tree to grow in ways that seem structurally integral. This is key as the structure of the tree is critical in the process of reducing the risk of broken limbs falling. A tree that is pruned to perfection will have a structure that is uncompromised. Improper weight distribution which is the aftermath of improper or neglected pruning could also be detrimental to the longevity of a tree’s life. This will also make the tree look good.

Plant Health

One of the most essential things to note is that pruning helps the plant remain clean. This can be done by eliminating wood that is dead or dying. These areas can be the area of infestation for many insects which will damage the tree for sure. When pruning or removing dead wood, make sure that the cut that is to be made is beyond the infection. The blade should be sterile as well. Doing so will also allow sunlight to reach through the foliage which will encourage the growth even further.

When is the right time to prune?

It is important to remember that pruning should only be done during a dormant season such as winter or fall. This is because that is the time when the trees are less likely to hurt. Trees, just like humans, are subjected to stress especially when branches are removed. But in a dormant season, the tree sap is lost. Insects and other pests are also less likely to damage the tree as the tree itself will be inactive. Precise timing and appropriate methods are essential when it comes to pruning certain kinds of trees.

Plant training

Pruning must be done if you want the tree to looks a certain way, shape or size. Make sure to cut 33% of top growth when transplanting as this will help compensate for root loss. It is also necessary that you do not over-prune as this will shunt the growth of the plant and limit its survival abilities.

How to Select the Right Pruning Tools

Chain saw

In order to find success in pruning, you need to have the right tools in your arsenal. That is why when you buy tools, you need to purchase ones that focus on quality. These tools will be expensive, mind you, but once invested, you wouldn’t need to replace them immediately.

While choosing a tool, it is essential to take into consideration the size of the branches. Hence, it is crucial to purchase tools that will help cut trees that are in their youth.

Here are some must-have pruning tools.

Hand Pruner

In order to cut branches that are 1 inch in diameter or less, buy a hand pruner. To cut branches cleanly and without any hassle, purchase a bypass pruner where the cuts made by the tool resemble that of a pair of scissors. Bypass pruners usually have blades that slide past the lower part of the broad blade.

Hand Pruner

Pruning Saw

Pruning saws are convenient if there is a necessity to cut branches that are 3 inches in diameter. They are also useful if you want to cut larger branches. Pruning saws are equipped with metal that is both sharp and tempered. This is useful for many uses, and unlike conventional saws, the pull as well as the push strokes make cuts and hence, every movement results in a cut.


Branches that are of 2 inches in diameter can be cut with the help of lopping shears, or shears but the ones that you purchase will have the appropriate diameter sizes within which they operate. Loppers of some kind also feature a gear system which increases the cutting power.


If you’re looking for a tool that produces cleaner cuts, you need to use a chainsaw as it can cut branches that are thicker than 3 inches. But because of the heavy duty nature of the tool, make sure to employ an arborist who is certified.

Rope saw

Branches that are bigger than 5 inches in diameter can be cut using a rope saw as it uses a cutting blade that can be best described as a chain. The limbs that are 25 feet or lower in height can be cut using rope saws that enable you to stand on them. To extend the reach of rope saws, one can make use of ropes.

To better maintain the tools, you need to keep them as sharp as possible so that they can produce cleaner and better cuts. In order to keep them sharp, one can use sharpening tools such as sharpening stone.

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