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We’re a bunch of enthusiastic nature lovers who love your trees as much as you do. We provide you with all the essential services you require for the upkeep and maintenance of your trees. Our services are extremely professional, and when we take up a task, we make sure we do it right, from the beginning to the end.

About T·O·T·A·L Landscaping

Started in 2005 by a father & son team, Total Landscaping was originally a small business created to help aging neighbors maintain their homes and gardens.

Since then, TOTAL has grown to encompass a huge network of top notch gardeners and landscapers across the city. Services range from simple grass cutting to full-scale landscape and water feature design and implementation. Hopefully after seeing our work you’ll let us take TOTAL care of your yard too!

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How to Plant a Tree

Take proper care of the tree from the start

The most basic step in plant care is form selection. You have to make sure that the tree is going to grow where you want. Then you have to make sure of its characteristics: climate, location, soil type, tree type, and the felling pattern.

Prepare the soil to make sure it doesn’t have heavy clay down. It should be loose and yet have a good balance for the tree. This is to know that the tree’s root system will not be crowded by a lot of soil.

Set the tree to the right depth and between locations on your property.

Plant the tree with the right distance above the ground and the right distance from buildings and power lines.

Grow Green

Pick a date that is most convenient for you to do your monthly growing and pruning. You do not’ want any disturbances during the growing season they might damage the roots.

When the weather gets warmer and you get thirsty, plant small branches in the spring. The tree is more active and yields fruits in the summer months.

Regular cleaning should be done to maintain the good condition of the hard work you have made, but you may still need to do other work. You may find dead branches, rotten logs and insides of the tree in the tree. These need to be fixed.

Maintain your trees. This is recommended for established trunks that are larger.

Inspect a wonder tree that needs to be pruned at least once a year. It may fall if heavy winds fall on the branches.

Prune branches in the direction where the leaves will shade the timber naturally. Make sure the shape is conical.

Regularly inspect the tree and adjust the foliage so that it remains the same. Touch the roots to see if it is growing widely. At the very least, you may need to trim a certain wh branch to remove it from the wood.

Prune the branches of a tree on a regular basis to remove dead branches, especially when the branches have hardened in winter.


Thatch refers to fine extremely dry grasses. They are not a tree.

Thatch control recommended. This means to mechanically scrape the weed and grass whiles taking out their entire root system.

A major cause is that the soil has a loose, sandy local soil. This is not the ideal conditions for the shady, cool growth of the wild grasses.

Planting the right species

inspected closely as it may need someuous care. This means to gauge the size of the tree, its growth habits and how big it is. You can hire professional.

Pruning the tree

The main reason nobody embarks on do it yourself is because heavy pruning is needed to maintain good care of the tree every day. If the proper treatment is done, neatly trimming the tree by hand is a possibility.


Raking the grass out to divide the area into three piles will assure that you will not get a shock from one side of the yard to another because of the mower.

Aside from the way, gungas and other debris can fly into your neighborhood every time the mowers go by, you have to replace grass with tender new growth every year.

Pruning of type of grass is done using an axe. This process entails cutting the root system of the grass. Ask your garden supplies expert about how to do this.


Watering needs to be done at premises that are high in moisture. You may also consider watering regularly enough.

The perfect time to do the irrigation is early in the morning or late afternoon.

At the same time, avoid the irrigation of the wet lawn due to its damage.


The next thing to be performed is arranging things inside the garden.

The way to set things is to put one thing in front of the other. This is to divide the area into sections.

The law of attraction of plants is to be remembered. Planting one shoot to another is the way to structural this a garden.

This is how you organize your front yard all by yourself in just a short time. The second dimension is the result of your personally doing the work. The third dimension is the result of the services you acquire. Moreover, the last dimension is the result of the design of professional landscapers.

What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Tree Service Provider

If you’re someone who is keen on tree care, then your time would have come sooner. After all, one can never enjoy living in a nice and secure environment and an enviable neighborhood without having a healthy tree at the top of the list. And if there’s anything that can guarantee that peace of mind, it would be having your own tree. No one likes to see any mishaps, which is why you need to hire a local tree service provider who can help you out when it comes to tree care.

When you have a garden, you have the right to take care of it in every way possible. There are tree care services which can help you get the best out of your trees. Whether you want to just prune the tree, remove a dead one or trim the branches, they can help you do it. This is because they know the needs of a tree and they can handle any of the problems that a tree might have. However, you must first determine your budget before calling for a tree service provider so that you can ensure that the service provider you will hire is going to be able to provide you with the best services and quality for your money.

If you are looking for tree care services, you can find them in a number of places. For example, there are those who can send you the contract that they require you to sign, and there are also those who can provide you with a list of local service providers. You can also check online or check the Yellow Pages for a list of providers.

When you are hiring a local tree care service provider, make sure that you ask about their experience. Although you can always call them to ask their opinion, but it will not work well if you do not know about the tree care service. When you know about the service provider, it will be easier for you to know if the service they are offering you is perfect or not.

It is always better to go with the ones who can work according to your preferences and who can also offer you the best at the right price. Most tree care services would like to do business with one person and if they don’t have the resources to do so, then they would prefer to work with someone who will just pay for their services. So, it’s important that you go for those who can assure you of the best service at the right price. They should also offer you various discounts and incentives to attract you to go for their services.

In order to determine the right company for you, it would be best to check into their past and current clients so that you can determine if they are capable of handling the tasks they have been hired for. Check whether they are part of any tree organizations, and try to ask how long they have been serving clients in this way. You can also inquire about the testimonials that you can find on their website so that you can see if you can trust their services.

After doing these things, you can now go to their websites and check out the online reviews that you can find. This way, you can have the assurance that you have gone with the right service provider. It will also be helpful in knowing the different ways they can cater to your tree care needs.

Another thing that you can check when it comes to tree care is to check out the rates and charges that the service provider would like to charge you. This way, you can tell if the cost of the service is really worth it or not. If you can afford the service, you can at least pay a reasonable fee so that you can avoid from getting your trees chopped down.

The Most Important Tree Fallers In History

tree felling

The Most Important Tree Fallers In History

Tree felling is an old and traditional method of removing trees and shrubs from their natural forest setting. Tree falls have become increasingly common in this century, with the ever-increasing destruction of urban environments caused by storm waters, and the general crowding and loss of topography that comes with a growing population.

When a tree falls, it requires a trained group of workers to quickly deal with the hazard and remove it from the area. The difficulty with this particular type of tree felling is that all of the limbs that are visible are then destroyed. They are mostly burned, but there are also several popular methods which fall into two major categories.

Firefighter techniques involve using a giant hose to use water on the tree from above. These techniques can be quite dangerous and take time to implement, so they are not usually carried out as often as other methods. The best way to compare this is to look at the many years of service that firefighters have been carrying out the task without incident.

There is also the method of ground-level tree fallers, which involves being lowered by crane or rope on to the trunk of the tree. This is usually less dangerous and can be carried out in an emergency. However, the disadvantage of ground level falls is that there is no realistic way to assess if the danger of the tree is minimal or severe, which in turn makes it impossible to carry out the operation quickly enough to avoid a large scale disaster.

It was about this time in the industrial revolution that the new form of tree felling came into being. This new technique involves a small machine called a chainsaw, which is generally owned by a local area company. It basically has a powerful cutting blade which is fitted with a chainsaw power cord.

There are two main types of chainsaw. These are the one powered one, and the machine driven one. These can be purchased or rented from most local areas, and are usually used for felling trees that are relatively small, such as a few branches.

A very important consideration in this task is that it needs to be carried out under constant supervision of the person carrying out the operation. This should include giving instructions, keeping a clear view of the area and a very clear mind.

How Important Is Tree Removal?

The importance of tree removal in a typical urban or suburban setting is a point that is frequently misunderstood by home builders. Any landscape architect or landscape designer will be quick to argue that removal is not necessarily a requirement, but rather a “nice to have.”

tree removal

Removal is, however, a critical element for any property owner who wishes to achieve a uniform appearance for a garden or lawn. That’s because any landscape should consist of parts which are present throughout the yard and which visually separates the areas which are walkable from those which are not. Consequently, any homeowner should always investigate the cost of tree removal before planning any landscaping project.

There are two specific types of tree removal which are very popular in today’s society. One is called bonsai removal, and the other is of course the more controversial but perhaps more appealing tree removal solution – the stump removal. Bonsai trees are a classic of Japanese gardens and are typically imported from Japan or Korea. They are incredibly beautiful but also very delicate and require considerable attention to their well being.

On the other hand, the stump removal method is perhaps the most unique form of tree removal in the world. Stump removal can be used to remove large standing trees which have become too large to be easily moved. It can also be used to remove dead, rotting trees which have become more visually impacting than they were in the past.

Stump removal is something that is never easy. For this reason it is highly recommended that the buyer of a property utilizes a professional company to complete the job. Stump removal of a large tree is really nothing short of a labour-intensive job.

Public tree removal is not recommended by the city in case the tree falls to the ground. As such, a properly trained and qualified landscape engineer will remove the tree as soon as possible and safely. That way there will be no issue with concern for the future safety of the tree or other landscape features. In addition, any landscape architect will have to do proper research into the surrounding area to ensure that removal of the tree will be as close to an optimum solution as possible.

So, next time you’re thinking about how to keep your yard beautiful while not destroying your bank balance, consider tree removal. Removing a tree which is unsightly but does not detract from the landscape, or even providing an alternative to leave in place, will dramatically improve your home and the value of your home. And at the end of the day, it will save you money as well.

Call Johnny for tree removal Lakeland FL trust for professional, quality tree care.

How Tree Fertilizing is the Best Way to Preserve Trees

tree fertilizing

How Tree Fertilizing is the Best Way to Preserve Trees

For centuries, people have looked at trees as natural resources to be nurtured and saved, especially if they lived in forests. So, the question is why tree fertilizing is considered to be the best method of conserving them. Before the advent of the electricity, nature provided all the energy we needed to live in harmony with nature. However, in the recent years, technology has taken over and it has also started contributing in a significant way to our global environment.

As technology advances, mankind is now looking at such things as entertainment, industry, and recreation as a regular basis. The way in which we use energy and natural resources is no longer regarded to be a part of our lives. We even visit companies that produce electronic devices and appliances that release no toxic chemicals in the atmosphere. These kinds of products actually contribute in a great way to the way we value the natural resources that we have around us.

Scientists have discovered that different plants do not use their own energy. We depend on their energy. Plants produce a liquid known as the leaf excretions. These excretions are basically water and are carried by the wind, the sun, and the rain. So, trees have evolved the ability to transmit water through their roots, which is an excellent tool to protect them from disasters.

After some time, other plant species are able to look for ways to keep their own water. What they do is they produce their own leaf excretions that are similar to the liquid that trees carry. But, these plant species do not have leaves that produce their own liquid. Only human beings have the capacity to do this. If a tree cannot send water to its roots, the tree is still the recipient of the liquid.

As long as we are dependent on other plant species to carry water, we will have problems to plant such as drought, flooding, and freezing. If a huge amount of water is not produced in the ground, we will have more problems than the ones we already have. This means that trees have to be a great help to us.

The use of tree excretions for moisture collection can be very efficient. A great deal of water can be taken from the ground without using any kind of tools. The soil that does not contain any minerals will therefore not be able to absorb it. Plants can use the carbon dioxide that is released by humans to photosynthesize. This will absorb all the water from the soil, making the plants safe from the effects of global warming.

The external benefits of using tree excretions for water and moisture collection have not been understood until now. The effect is remarkable and not only for trees. The trees are also able to utilize solar energy from the sun to sustain themselves. This will surely help in preserving the natural resources in our environment.

The Little-Known Secrets to Tree Planting

Lies You’ve Been Told About Tree Planting

If you’re looking for tree planting service, visit our website to have a free estimate today! You should not seek the services of a tree planting service just because they charge expensively. Your tree will be more inclined to survive and your planting experience is going to be a success. To comprehend how trees can cool our cities you should understand a dangerous phenomenon known as the heat island effect. Too often the incorrect tree is planted in the incorrect place. It’s important to pick the suitable tree and plant it properly in the proper location to stop problems as the tree matures.

The forest will gradually be opened to the general public along with providing educational facilities for schools along with provide green burial services to the neighborhood location. It’s so much more difficult to find the forests back than protect that which we have. Restoring forests is an excellent thing, states Holl. Our national forests are a really good place to get started.

You shouldn’t employ a tree planting company before checking on the range of years they have been in operation. Planting a tree is the start of a journey with nature. It is crucial that the tree doesn’t rock in the wind otherwise the fine, fibrous root system which is attempting to develop won’t be in a position to grow in the surrounding soil. Trees with girdling roots are somewhat more likely to fail at the main crown as they mature. For most residential properties, only a single tree is going to be planted. Trees are extremely complex organisms and frequently do not get the quantity of care they have to grow in an urban environment, like a lack of plain water. Last, take a look at the tree thoroughly at the nursery before purchasing to be sure you select a high superior tree that will get off to a superb start and supply you with years of enjoyment.

The Appeal of Tree Planting

Now, everybody’s concept of green development is continuously improving. A unique CSR idea will aid your brand solidify its presence in the industry. Settling on the very first tree planting service which comes your way may not allow you to save on costs. The ideal place to locate a tree planting company is over the world wide web. The following are some suggestions for newbie gardener.

The Death of Tree Planting

Tree stakes play an essential function in ensuring your tree has the ability to become established. Investing in trees ought to be a simple sell. Selecting a tree planting company blindly may not qualify as the most suitable choice. You should not work with tree planting companies which have lousy reputation from customers.

Once its roots are well established, the tree should have the ability to withstand an assortment of environmental ailments. While cutting the roots away may appear to be the very best alternative, it isn’t. As annoying as it might be, surface roots are a standard landscape problem that can result in significant and costly damage.

The Tree Planting Trap

Tree planting is one particular way. Tree planting demonstrates that you care deeply about the surroundings and that you recognise it is also critical to your customer base. Business tree planting is a huge method to accomplish said responsibility. Each plant is going to be planted in various sections of Ethiopia. Hydroponic plants are appropriate for making salads. Tree species all over the world have adapted to thrive in their various atmosphere.

The Surprising Details Into Brush Removal That Some People Aren’t Aware Of

Brush Removal – Dead or Alive?

Brush removal can vary from making use of a chainsaw to larger excavators and backhoes to get rid of certain obstacles on a sheet of land, that range from rocks, bushes to trees. It is one of the best investments you can make in your yard. Tree and brush removal may be big hassle.

brush removal

The Foolproof Brush Removal Strategy

Don’t forget, tree stumps cannot be hauled away as Brush. Brush won’t be collected from any industrial businesses. Removing unwanted brush will enhance the wellness of the desirable trees by lessening the competition for water and soil nutrients. A standard means to eradicate the brush can involve mulching. In the event the brush on your premises is out of control, we can provide help!

If you anticipate clearing a great deal of trees, think about talking with a couple regional timber businesses. If a tree is causing an obstruction that is not possible to correct through pruning, removal could possibly be the sole choice. Cutting down a tree isn’t regarded to be trimming or pruning, and the township shouldn’t be expected to take out the debris. Also trees which are too near the roadway can lead to severe injury if a motorist was supposed to leave the traveled section of the roadway. Though a tree can help to create the overall look of house good but sometimes inadequate management can result in a terrible impression of your property too. In case you have any trees in your yard you will surely wish to manage top tree service specialists in order that they can professionally manage your trees.

If you must have a tree taken away from your property swiftly and safely, speak to the greatest in the company. If you own a tree that’s dead or dying, it can pose a danger to your residence or property. If you opted to deal with tree and shrub trimming and removal by yourself, you want to have the correct safety equipment available.

The Brush Removal Trap

Lots of people delay tree maintenance since they fear the cost. Our services permit you to think beyond your wheelbarrow! If you employ a service to get rid of a tree or clear a whole lot, please understand it’s the duty of the service to remove or chip the brush. Our brush removal service is straightforward.

No matter what type of junk you’ve got on your premises, we can haul it away. If you aren’t sure, we’ll work with you to learn the best approach to getting your property in the shape you would like so you may enjoy beautiful, useful, and secure space on your private or industrial land. Selling personal property is excellent for fast money, but it isn’t sustainable in the very long run. Selling personal property like CDs and DVDs is frequently a fantastic place to start. In the event the property owner doesn’t need to risk the chances of damage, we’ll safely remove it.

Some businesses could be interested in purchasing or hauling your timber away at no cost. If you haven’t ever looked for tree service companies before there are a couple of factors which you should have in mind. A great tree expert company should also have the ability to tackle your general landscaping requirements and be in a position to point out whether there are trees which are hindering your general landscaping objectives and what should be done about them.

Brush Removal Tips & Guide

brush removal

Brush removal can fluctuate by making use of a chainsaw to bigger excavators and backhoes to eliminate certain obstacles on a sheet of land, which range from rocks, bushes to trees. It’s one of the greatest investments you can make in your yard. Tree and brush removal may be major hassle.

What You Should Do About Brush Removal Starting in the Next Three Minutes

Keep in mind, tree stumps can not be hauled off as Brush. Brush won’t be collected from any business businesses. Removing unwanted brush will boost the well-being of the desired trees by lessening the competition for water and soil nutrients. A typical process to eradicate the brush can involve mulching. In case the brush on your premises is out of control, we could provide help!

By taking a couple of simple steps, you are able to dramatically decrease the opportunity of fires, rodents, eyesores, and other serious issues for your company or residential property. Another essential component is location. Since you may see, there are lots of factors when receiving a quotation.

If you expect clearing a great deal of trees, think about speaking with a few community timber businesses. Regardless of the fact that a tree will help to produce the visual allure of home good but occasionally bad management can cause a terrible impression of your house also. If you opted to take care of tree and shrub trimming and removal all in your own, you will need to have the correct safety gear available. In the event you have any trees in your yard you will surely must handle top tree service pros so that they can professionally manage your trees.

Once you own a tree trimming down, then you will probably need to get rid of the tree stump too. Also trees which are too near the roadway may lead to severe injury if a motorist was supposed to leave the traveled part of the roadway. Cutting down a tree isn’t deemed to be pruning or trimming, and the township shouldn’t be expected to carry out debris. If you have discovered that you have to trim trees and shrubs on your premises or eliminate them altogether, here are some advice on what things to anticipate.

A Startling Fact about Brush Removal Uncovered

In the event you have, it will likely influence the reconstruction costs related to rebuilding your house and it’s a recommended time for a conversation with your insurer. You ought to attempt to locate a location using a nearby water source, and supplies cover from both the predators and weather. You need to find a location with the smallest amount of trees and brush as possible.

Our solutions enable you to think beyond your wheelbarrow! Should you lease a service to eliminate a tree or clear a fantastic deal, please know it’s the obligation of the service to remove or chip that the brush. Our brush removal service is straightforward.

No matter the sort of junk you’ve got on your premises, we can haul it away. If you’re not sure, we’ll work with you to pick the best method of obtaining your house in the form you’d like so that you can enjoy beautiful, useful, and protected space in your personal or industrial land. Selling personal property is fantastic for quick money, but it is not sustainable in the very long run. Selling personal property such as CDs and DVDs is frequently a fantastic place to begin. In case the property owner doesn’t need to risk the odds of harm, we’ll safely remove it.

Some companies could be considering purchasing or hauling your timber away at no cost. In case you haven’t ever looked for tree service firms before you will find a couple factors which you need to be thinking about. A superb tree specialist company should also have the capability to deal with your general landscaping requirements and be in a position to point out whether there are trees which are hindering your general landscaping objectives and what should be done.

Caring for those shrubs and trees on your premises isn’t only crucial for aesthetic purposes, but it might also be an issue of safety. If you need help eliminating all that yard waste, JUSTJUNK is here to provide help! You can depend on real answers to your yard care issues. You don’t have to produce the error of using an individual or a business which doesn’t have the essential knowledge since they can quickly butcher your trees and make them develop unshapely or even become ill and die. You should find an idea by now as to what sort of seed you want to plant. You may probably tell that we’re in love with trees.

Commercial Tree Services

The way you present yourself affects how other people perceive you. The same rule applies to businesses. Whether you have a family-owned business or a large corporation, the way your commercial property looks have a significant impact on how people see your business and the way you handle it.

Commercial tree care is not a walk in the park, but it is crucial for your business’ appeal and safety. It involves skills, time, and proper equipment. Even if you have the luxury of time if you don’t have the right knowledge or don’t know the proper techniques to care for commercial trees, your attempt to perform commercial tree service will be in vain. Every species of trees has its own unique characteristics, and you need to consider this before making any actions. You also need to own the proper equipment to be successful in performing the tree service. If you are not confident with your skills and you only have a chainsaw as your tool, you better think again and consider hiring a professional commercial tree service. Many tree companies offer a full range of tree services, and they can tackle large-scale jobs such as commercial tree service. Companies like them undergo a series of training to improve their craft to provide excellent services to their residential and commercial clients.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Tree Service Company:

As a commercial property owner, making a good impression with your potential customers is one of your ultimate goals. People expect your office, whether the interior or the exterior to be clean and well-kept. Customers can easily get discouraged from doing business with a company that doesn’t make time to maintain their business area. It is best to make an appointment with professional commercial tree service at least monthly to help you keep the façade of your business area, in top shape.

Here is why you should hire a qualified Tree Service Company:

  • Saves you precious time: Time is money, and we have to use it for something worthwhile. Every second count, that is why, as a business owner, you should use it for other important matters rather than taking care of the trees in your commercial area.
  • Safe Property: As a public area, your business is exposed to different people every day. The safety of your employees, clients, and other passersby depends on how much care you provide your commercial trees. If trees are not maintained properly, they become an accident waiting to happen that can cause substantial damage to your property and injure people in the area. Fallen branches can cost you a considerable amount of money if they land on your building or hurt your clients. Trees are valuable assets if they are given the proper care they need. But they turn into a liability when you neglect their welfare which is why professional commercial tree service is critical in keeping trees in good health.
  • Appealing and Clean Landscape: You should care for not only the interior of your business but also its outside look. Getting the right commercial tree service can help you keep the exterior of your property in check. Commercial tree service will evaluate the health of your trees and offer professional recommendations whether your tree needs pruning or not.

Why Winter is a Good Time for Tree Work

Contrary to what most people think that winter is a bad time for tree work, winter is actually a great season for tree care. During this time, many people do not really think about their trees, not knowing that it is the best time to do any tree work. The truth is, there are major pruning jobs that are ideally done during this season.

Tree Works that are Best Done in Winter


During winter, the impact on lawns and gardens are reduced because the ground is covered with ice. Trees that are infected by diseases such as Emerald Ash Borer are best handled during winter to prevent them from being hazards come spring. If there are trees in your backyard that you want to be eliminated, winter might be the best time to remove them.

Forest Work

Trail clearing and plantation thinning are best done in winter. During winter when the ground is filled with ice, the risk of damaging the ground is reduced. Wildlife such as small mammals and birds will not be interrupted if forest work is done during this season.


Many tree species are best pruned in the dormant season. Light pruning trees during winter will help them focus their energy for the spring season. Pruning during this season should be done when it is beginning to get warm again. Some tree species may bleed due to cuts when the weather gets warm and the sap starts to flow.

You should wait until the time that the tree is about to leaf out before doing a major pruning if trees that are diseased or show signs of stress during the preceding season. However, if the tree is posing a hazard of falling, it might be best to prune the tree even during the winter season.

Winter Tree Care

Winter Storm Damage- Preventing/ Restoring

Overgrown trees and those that have bad structure may need to be pruned for maintenance during the winter season. Also, if the tree has been storm damaged, it might be best to prune it to prevent it from being hazardous. To lower the chances of tree failure during winter, maintenance needs to be done beforehand. Prevention is still better than having one tree removed because of poor maintenance. It is even worse your when your property is affected because you fail to properly maintain your trees.

The most effective preventive measure for storms is having your tree pruned. Strong winds and bad weather conditions can cause tree limbs and branches to fall off that is why it is better to take care of them before the worst scenario happens. Preventive maintenance does not only keep your tree in good shape but also keeps you and your property away from any potential danger that the bad weather can bring.

If you think you need a tree service, do not hesitate to contact your most trusted tree service company to assist you with your concern. There is no better time to handle a tree job than when it is most needed.

Even in the south, winter is the best time for tree care work as trees are less actively growing.  If you need tree trimming Gainesville FL trusts, call John for a fast, free estimate.

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