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Chain Saw

How to Select the Right Pruning Tools

In order to find success in pruning, you need to have the right tools in your arsenal. That is why when you buy tools, you need to purchase ones that focus on quality. These tools will be expensive, mind you, but once invested, you wouldn’t need to replace them immediately.

While choosing a tool, it is essential to take into consideration the size of the branches. Hence, it is crucial to purchase tools that will help cut trees that are in their youth.

Here are some must-have pruning tools.

Hand Pruner

In order to cut branches that are 1 inch in diameter or less, buy a hand pruner. To cut branches cleanly and without any hassle, purchase a bypass pruner where the cuts made by the tool resemble that of a pair of scissors. Bypass pruners usually have blades that slide past the lower part of the broad blade.

Hand Pruner

Pruning Saw

Pruning saws are convenient if there is a necessity to cut branches that are 3 inches in diameter. They are also useful if you want to cut larger branches. Pruning saws are equipped with metal that is both sharp and tempered. This is useful for many uses, and unlike conventional saws, the pull as well as the push strokes make cuts and hence, every movement results in a cut.


Branches that are of 2 inches in diameter can be cut with the help of lopping shears, or shears but the ones that you purchase will have the appropriate diameter sizes within which they operate. Loppers of some kind also feature a gear system which increases the cutting power.


If you’re looking for a tool that produces cleaner cuts, you need to use a chainsaw as it can cut branches that are thicker than 3 inches. But because of the heavy duty nature of the tool, make sure to employ an arborist who is certified.

Rope saw

Branches that are bigger than 5 inches in diameter can be cut using a rope saw as it uses a cutting blade that can be best described as a chain. The limbs that are 25 feet or lower in height can be cut using rope saws that enable you to stand on them. To extend the reach of rope saws, one can make use of ropes.

To better maintain the tools, you need to keep them as sharp as possible so that they can produce cleaner and better cuts. In order to keep them sharp, one can use sharpening tools such as sharpening stone.