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Importance of Pruning

There are many aspects that are beneficial to a tree when it comes to pruning, but the most critical aspect is how it keeps the people around the tree safe. A dead branch may fall at any time for a tree, and as a result, it can put the people, power lines, or buildings around in danger.

The above reason is why it is best to remove limbs that are dangerous. But pruning can also hurt a tree if the size and location of the tree aren’t taken into consideration. In order to assure personal safety, an expert brought in to do the job is recommended if you’re uncomfortable.

Here are some of thoughts as to why pruning is essential.

Plant Health

Structure and growth

With the proper techniques, pruning can cause a tree to grow in ways that seem structurally integral. This is key as the structure of the tree is critical in the process of reducing the risk of broken limbs falling. A tree that is pruned to perfection will have a structure that is uncompromised. Improper weight distribution which is the aftermath of improper or neglected pruning could also be detrimental to the longevity of a tree’s life. This will also make the tree look good.

Plant Health

One of the most essential things to note is that pruning helps the plant remain clean. This can be done by eliminating wood that is dead or dying. These areas can be the area of infestation for many insects which will damage the tree for sure. When pruning or removing dead wood, make sure that the cut that is to be made is beyond the infection. The blade should be sterile as well. Doing so will also allow sunlight to reach through the foliage which will encourage the growth even further.

When is the right time to prune?

It is important to remember that pruning should only be done during a dormant season such as winter or fall. This is because that is the time when the trees are less likely to hurt. Trees, just like humans, are subjected to stress especially when branches are removed. But in a dormant season, the tree sap is lost. Insects and other pests are also less likely to damage the tree as the tree itself will be inactive. Precise timing and appropriate methods are essential when it comes to pruning certain kinds of trees.

Plant training

Pruning must be done if you want the tree to looks a certain way, shape or size. Make sure to cut 33% of top growth when transplanting as this will help compensate for root loss. It is also necessary that you do not over-prune as this will shunt the growth of the plant and limit its survival abilities.