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Why Winter is a Good Time for Tree Work

Contrary to what most people think that winter is a bad time for tree work, winter is actually a great season for tree care. During this time, many people do not really think about their trees, not knowing that it is the best time to do any tree work. The truth is, there are major pruning jobs that are ideally done during this season.

Tree Works that are Best Done in Winter


During winter, the impact on lawns and gardens are reduced because the ground is covered with ice. Trees that are infected by diseases such as Emerald Ash Borer are best handled during winter to prevent them from being hazards come spring. If there are trees in your backyard that you want to be eliminated, winter might be the best time to remove them.

Forest Work

Trail clearing and plantation thinning are best done in winter. During winter when the ground is filled with ice, the risk of damaging the ground is reduced. Wildlife such as small mammals and birds will not be interrupted if forest work is done during this season.


Many tree species are best pruned in the dormant season. Light pruning trees during winter will help them focus their energy for the spring season. Pruning during this season should be done when it is beginning to get warm again. Some tree species may bleed due to cuts when the weather gets warm and the sap starts to flow.

You should wait until the time that the tree is about to leaf out before doing a major pruning if trees that are diseased or show signs of stress during the preceding season. However, if the tree is posing a hazard of falling, it might be best to prune the tree even during the winter season.

Winter Tree Care

Winter Storm Damage- Preventing/ Restoring

Overgrown trees and those that have bad structure may need to be pruned for maintenance during the winter season. Also, if the tree has been storm damaged, it might be best to prune it to prevent it from being hazardous. To lower the chances of tree failure during winter, maintenance needs to be done beforehand. Prevention is still better than having one tree removed because of poor maintenance. It is even worse your when your property is affected because you fail to properly maintain your trees.

The most effective preventive measure for storms is having your tree pruned. Strong winds and bad weather conditions can cause tree limbs and branches to fall off that is why it is better to take care of them before the worst scenario happens. Preventive maintenance does not only keep your tree in good shape but also keeps you and your property away from any potential danger that the bad weather can bring.

If you think you need a tree service, do not hesitate to contact your most trusted tree service company to assist you with your concern. There is no better time to handle a tree job than when it is most needed.

Even in the south, winter is the best time for tree care work as trees are less actively growing.  If you need tree trimming Gainesville FL trusts, call John for a fast, free estimate.